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March 27th, 2011  |  Published in journal

I am currently on the road playing keyboards with backwords, from Brooklyn! We have covered some major mileage on this tour and are having a great time traversing the country with many other talented bands we keep seeing along the way! More updates and photos are on my facebook page, but here’s a brief summary thus far:

We started out going from NYC to Columbus, OH, then down to New Orleans for the Foburg Festival, where we met up with some other great NY bands like The Forms and Tiny Victories, as well as some great local New Orleans bands like The Tumbleweeds. From there we went to Nashville to play at The Basement, then onto my home state of Oklahoma to play the very cultural Eclipse Cultural House in Tulsa, where we enjoyed their projections of Greek sculptures as well as a great young local scene!

From Tulsa, we crashed in Norman at my pals’ house (Ty Hardiman, Dylan Mackey, and Josh Jones of The Evangelicals), and it was great to eat breakfast at the Earth Cafe in the morning on Campus Corner! 🙂 Then onto Austin for SXSW madness…

We had three shows in Austin and enjoyed the BANDS! BANDS! BANDS! until we couldn’t take any more bands. Met up with fellow travelers from NY, New Orleans, and pals from Los Angeles. Lots of free beer, parties (including my favorite Under The Radar magazine parties, who had amazing lineups as always!) then headed back to New Orleans to visit our lovely wonderful hostess Virginia and play three more shows there. The weather was simply amazing!
We ate Loretta’s Pralines, played at a giant hippie tree house, and saw some real jazz voodoo going on in the clubs! We also ran into (again) Arrah and the Ferns, and Big Tree from California. New Orleans … I love that place.

Left New Orleans and headed up to Knoxville, TN, where we played on the Blue Plate Special for WDVX, which was a really cool and fun experience to play for the community and be on the air. After that, we enjoyed playing at The Preservation Pub that night along with some amazing local musicians, and also the wonderful folk songstress Shelley Short. The epic day in Knoxville ended at a house party in the country with Tiny Victories and Monogold from Brooklyn, who played amazing intimate basement sets late into the night.

We headed out in the morning for Lexington and arrived at the historic Green Lantern bar, where we were greeted by the local gentleman Rhodes Kelly, who gave us some of the bar’s history. We enjoyed pizza from the Gray Goose nearby, hung out and played pool, and played to an enthusiastic crowd after the UK game. After we played, the Lexington band The Swells threw down some crazy tunes, and the dance floor was a web of celebratory madness late into the night! Lexington knows how to party!

We have a week left on the tour and are looking forward to our upcoming shows in Toledo, Rochester, Buffalo, and Rossdale… then back home to Brooklyn, hopefully, bring a little spring from the South with us.

It’s been an amazing tour so far, gifted with many other great musicians and folks along the way. It’s great to get out into other parts of America I’ve never explored before, and see people so enthusiastic about music and life in general. I love being in the moment while touring, talking to folks and hearing stories, new music, and taking photos of cool little hidden corners.

And now… for a nap…

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