August 21st, 2010  |  Published in journal

I promise to  be better about updating my journals… Life goes by too fast sometimes to write it all down! I am currently stationed in New York, where I am undertaking a couple of new creative ventures.  I am loving being here in the city with all the motion, it’s totally different than Los Angeles.  It feels timeless and kind of futuristic at the same time.

I have befriended a few random strangers so far, one of them being the guy who plays his keyboard in the nearest subway terminal.  He plays all songs about New York.  My favorite one of his is “Livin’ in New York” where he talks about waking up and going about his day in New York.  Most people seem rather unaffected by his presence as I’m sure they’ve probably heard that song 100 times, but I get a real kick out of it, both because I’m having a wonderful time and it’s its own masterpiece of a song.

I’m getting inspired and now comes the discipline and the focus and keeping everything else that deflates the inspiration balloon out of the way as much as possible.   A friend of mine calls it “spending your nickels”… talking about something too much and whittling away the magic motivation behind it.  I agree, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut and my arms active and stay in the flow of the Tao of Art or whatever you want to call it.

Other than that, I’m trying to remember to only buy the amount of groceries I can walk 4 blocks with, because, big things of Gatorade and juice get heavy halfway home!! If I stay here and grow old, I’m joining the Cart Lady Crew, for sure.

I have a little show coming up next week and am looking forward to getting back into playing after weeks of packing, deciding, sorting, cramming, driving, flying, more sorting, more cramming, and waiting… but for now, I feel totally in the moment, excited to be present, and feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be, even if I have no idea why! 🙂

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