New Year, New Galoshes, and other Dangerous Joys…

February 3rd, 2011  |  Published in journal

Snow, snow snow! It’s everywhere. I finally invested in a decent pair of galoshes, as to protect myself against the inevitable gray slush-puddles. Yesterday I was walking home and feeling cool, when my feet slipped out from under me and I totally crashed. I picked myself up and acted like nothing happened to the 4 people blatently staring at me, only to walk another block and do it again! Whoops! (Life is full of little slips and trips, isn’t it?) The good news is, I didn’t break anything, and found out I actually have a rather resilient tailbone. Which I’ll need to get through the rest of my first East Coast winter, apparently.

This goes hand in hand with the seeming mysterious theme life has presented me with this month… Being in harmony with myself, while dealing with others.

I’m beeboppin’ along, trying to focus on what’s important, and having the courage to express what’s on my mind instead of keep it all stuffed up and muddled. That’s not always easy for someone who’s more comfortable writing it down on a piece of paper, safely hidden away from the daunting perils of other human beings. So… I’m trying to assert myself more, gracefully. Trying being the operative word, cause I’m not really sure how to do it gracefully all the time. It feels foreign and stilted, and unnatural. I feel like my landlord sometimes, like it’s going to come off as if I’m yelling at the top of my lungs “Whattaya think you’re doing!?” when I’m actually barely able to whisper it out… and then sometimes, it just comes out one big messy slushy gray blob of YUCK, accidentally.

So, I’m using my mental galoshes to wade through some stuff. They help, cause, well, ain’t nothing like stepping right down through that nasty-good-for-nothing-puddle knowing your feet will stay nice and dry…

so the puddles can be as nasty as they want… I will do my best to ballet dance right through them in my fancy plaid galoshes and blow them a kiss over my shoulder! Ta-ta!


PS- Oh yeah… if you are interested in the creative process, please check out my new blog I’ve started called Creativity and Other Dangerous Joys…

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