The New Year

February 4th, 2010  |  Published in journal

photo by Rob Racine

Well, it is certainly shaping up to be a busy and exciting new year.  Just started it off with a show at Spaceland in Los Angeles, along with Queen Kwong (w. entourage headed by Dave Navarro), The Monthlies, and Obi Best (with some familiar smiling faces in the band!). It was a fabulous evening and I’d like to thank Sterling Andrews and Ethan Walter for helping me blow up all those balloons, and Spaceland for not letting me clean them up!

I have been enjoying a new camera since the holidays and have been taking some pics here and there around Los Angeles.  I plan to post a new photo each week of my adventures.

I’m headed to NY at the end of the month to play for Webster Hall’s first Quarterly Arts Soiree, where my friend Morgan Freeman from back in the day in Oklahoma, is now heading up some forward-thinking events and exhibitions.

What else? It’s Spooky To Be Young, the latest record I did that Bill Racine produced is still picking up new listeners and is about to pick up a whole lot more on Virgin America Airlines in March!  My first video for the title track, directed by the very talented and multifaceted visual artist Rob Racine, will also be featured on their RED inflight system on their planes starting shortly after.  That’s really exciting.  As an artist who has been playing music largely off the grid for a number of years, it is really encouraging and I’m very grateful to have another vehicle to have my music heard by lots of people I don’t know. I’ll have more details about that coming up in the News pages very soon, and the video will be available eventually to see on the page here.  I’m keeping it a secret until a later date…

It’s the year of the Tiger and I think alot of people were happy to close off the chapters of 2009.  Everyone I knew seemed to be in transition, be it with jobs and money, relationships, losses, trials, whatever it was, people were going through heavy stuff.  I feel like this year is already lightening up with some dynamic energy and inspiration.  I am focused right now on lightening my own load… clearing out the unnecessary thoughts, patterns, clutter from my mind and surroundings so I can move freely through the moments, open-minded and able to capture the opportunities for joy, creativity, spontaneity, color, sound, connection.

A big thank you to everyone who has continued to show up and offer encouragement, perspective, and especially, laughter.

Here’s to a new chapter of bright moments…



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