It’s Spooky To Be Young

February 5th, 2010  |  Published in lyrics

c. 2009 Meredith Meyer/ Willow Walk Music BMI

Remember when we used to go walking down the road, simply because?

Innocent, there was no use in talking.  And after awhile, we would pause…

Just to realize we were happy on the corner of the street…

No achievements, no solutions… silly laughter, tired feet.

Remember when we went to the graveyard, and got ourselves locked inside?

We climbed the wall and ran to the old lady’s door, and laughed so hard we cried.

Cause we realized, it was spooky- to be so happy, and so young.

And we drove off through the headstones, feeling lucky, like we’d won!

I know they don’t call it The Lost Decade for nothing,

cause it leaves you holding onto the dream that you’ve got it all made… and don’t you?

When you look at all the people, broken bottles, shining green in the sunlight;

Perfect Wisdom, and the silence in-between.

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