“Why aren’t artists encouraged to do everything?” says supernal pop impressario Meredith Meyer, regarding the organic nature of her career trajectory. Her newest single “Magic Castle” glistens with understanding and a misty aerial view, literally released in the air via Virgin 360 on June 20 in the first flock of songs available on Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic’s new immersive audio platform. Designed by audio company Dysonics, the channel is the first surround sound music channel available on an airline, offering a 3D movie theater-style in-flight listening experience with content exclusively mixed in 5.1 surround sound, including “Magic Castle.”

The single is an ultramodern notch in the belt of Meyer’s long-stretching career. Despite distribution deals and close calls, the forward-thinking Oklahoma native has remained totally independent and self-propelled: after running away from home as a teen, her music career began with attending punk shows and throwing raves; flourished while she was a frontwoman around the LA scene in a number of local bands; and eventually blossomed into a move to New York City in 2010 where she formed her former seraphic indie four-piece, Young Unknowns.

An electronic dreamhouse EP You Are A Young Unknown was produced by Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, Mates of State) and released in 2012, followed by a series of quixotic singles and an ambient album called Endless Landscapes, all written by Meyer during her first two years in New York. She reached a turning point when she decided to jump ship at her former music tech job and began working for Daniel’s Music Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides free music programs for people with disabilities. Untethered to the grueling “get-to-the-next-level” mentality of working in the music industry, and no longer bothering with keeping up appearances in the indie scene, Meyer was spurred to fly solo—a move that has since inspired and transformed her work and its purpose.

Newly attuned to the inner senses, her compositions enchant and connect with listeners on an even more personal level. But where frenetic, washy pop was created by Young Unknowns for the masses to dance to, (and by Meyer when she was a vocalist for DJs Dennis Shepard (Berlin) and Benjamin Blank (NYC)), her “anti-excess” mentality—the mentality of music festivals—has carved a space for more introverted, experimental works designed for listening with headphones. Combining an exploratory approach with accessible songwriting, Meyers’ forthcoming material shows her continuing to work with surround sound audio techniques and creating weird atmospheric recordings, such as the harmonies of stars and planets—all reverberations of another sonic world being designed by and for a musician no longer confined to a cubicle or a crowd.

-Erin Manning

RIYL: Mazzy Star, The XX, Curve, Kate Bush, Sonic Youth

“Sultry, soulful electro gently infused with the most effervescent chorus this side of sea level, ‘Far Enough’ is a revelation.” – Dots and Dashes Top 20 Tracks of 2012 List

“She’s telling stories, from ‘Target Practice’ to ‘Evening Stars,’ she makes you want to sit there and listen until she’s done.” – Indie Shuffle

“‘Endless Landscapes is … an exquisite soundtrack for heartbreak or contemplation best listened to on late night drives. Meredith Meyer sings as a woman who knows about the vulnerable human condition.” Earth to the Ground Music

“Whether it’s the incredibly mystifying and powerful vocals or the stunning ambient, ’90s-esque indie rock undertones provided by the band, everything about this group sounds refreshing and thoroughly appealing.” – The Owl Mag

“…A late night pop whisper where the fragile electronics of Chromatics meet the dream pop ephemeral of Daughter with its smooth groove rooted in a smoke blended room.” – Sound Injections

“Restrained and effortless to the bone, the band work a Twin Sister-esque style into their songs; minimalism and discipline the overriding factors. It makes for a gorgeous, unparalleled slice of pop.” – Y Vynl