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February 5th, 2010  |  Published in press

“Anything ‘produced, recorded, and mixed” by Bill Racine has probably got something strong going for it…and sure enough, this L.A. songbird has talent.  Whether on piano or whispery guitar, her gorgeous throat, not far removed from fellow LaLa nightengale Miranda Lee Richards, is as reassuring as a mother’s to a sick baby.

Meanwhile, Racine lends some of the “spooky” background-shimmery ambiance that helped make the first Rogue Wave LP such a standout, while putting Meyer’s gossamer voice right in your room like his work with Ride’s Mark Gardener and The Comas.  When subdued cello or church organ are added, Meyer’s supernatural chamber pop falls into the hallowed realm of 4AD fodder too.  Talent and great production is a combo that still can’t miss”

-Jack Rabid

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